Coffee or Tea?

Do you brew coffee or steep tea?

Do more voice actors drink coffee or tea? Be sure to vote in our poll to see the results. You might also want to know whether coffee and tea mix well with voiceovers.

Let’s break it down. Coffee and tea are made with water, and water is your best choice when it comes to taking care of your number one asset – your voice. Water will keep your vocal cords hydrated during a voiceover session. Drinking at least 8 to 10 glasses of water per day is recommended to keep your vocal cords plump. It will also lubricate your mouth to help the words roll off your tongue. Sounds good right? Keep a room temperature bottle of water handy when doing voiceovers.

So, what about coffee? Brewing up those coffee beans  produces a diuretic that can dehydrate your body if you drink it all day. Yet, like millions of people around the world, many voice artists can’t start their day without a jolt of java! Matter of fact, some of us need a little boost in the afternoon too. Caffeine can keep you going, so by all means drink-up when you need to. By the way, if you’re going to drink coffee, go organic. Coffee is one of the most heavily pesticide sprayed crops. We received a sample of the NEW Thompson Brothers Coffee which inspired this post. The founders are former radio guys – try it, you’ll love it. The best advice is to always keep that water bottle close by and try to cut the caffeine to a couple of cups a day. I know, that might be hard.

Or, do you prefer tea? Drinking warm herbal teas like lemon tea, licorice tea, ginseng tea, and others are very effective in soothing the vocal cords and throat. Herbal tea is especially helpful when you have a voiceover session and you wake up with a sore throat or a cold coming on. That being said, it’s not a magic potion that will make you a superhero voice artist who can go hours voicing several characters for a video game. However, a nice cup of tea can really relax your spirit and calm your nerves. Savor your sips, but remember to keep that water bottle by your side.

Coffee or Tea?

I say coffee, tea, and water have their place in the life of a voiceover artist. What do you think?


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