All About Selling Stock Voiceovers

StockVoicover Is An Online Marketplace For Buying And Selling Stock Voiceovers

As a rights-holder of professional quality voice wild tracks, we invite you to become a member of the StockVoiceover Marketplace to sell your voiceovers online. By partnering with, Voice Artists can earn money licensing their work for use by others – Say it Once ~ Sell it a 1M Times©. We’re always accepting new submissions in all categories!

What You Get

  • A Worldwide Marketplace of Buyers who will be able to search for, preview, purchase, and download your voice files instantly, online, 24 hours a day.
  • Quick and Easy Uploads. Upload your clips, tag them with info, submit them to the Site and earn. That’s it.
  • 50 Percent Commissions on All Sales. Simple, straightforward and very competitive in the stock industry.
  • Monthly Payments through Paypal. As your clip library grows, the potential for regular, ongoing income from a relatively small initial investment of time grows exponentially.
  • You Set the Price for Your Files. Buyers pay what you want them to pay, and you can change the price whenever you like.
  • A Non-Exclusive Contract – You Keep the Copyright. You retain all rights to your work, and can do whatever you like with it, including sell it elsewhere or instantly remove it from the Stock Voiceover marketplace.
  • Marketing on Your Behalf. Widespread, ongoing marketing campaigns and partnering deals designed to bring business to your doorstep. From time to time we will even run a crowd funded mega marketing campaign.
  • Real-time Statistics on File Sales. Information you need to make the most from your voiceover library.
  • A Marketplace Created by Voice Artists for Voice Artists. Our active community includes seller’s only discussions about voiceover standards, tips, and issues.

What You Contribute

We’re looking for your best read, uniquely you, outrageous, larger than life, punch it, give it balls, make us laugh, cry, or most importantly buy, whisper, shout, or give us your announcer or game show host read. We’re looking for voice clips or wild lines for all categories and genres, including:

  • Call to Action
  • Voicemail
  • Message on Hold
  • Stock Commercial
  • Announcer
  • Sweepers, Liners, Intro’s/Outro’s
  • Actualities / Testimonials

Regardless of the style of your voiceover, it should be of extremely high quality. Commercially-oriented work should be professionally recorded and carefully chosen – think broadcast worthy. Content should be tagged with accurate contextual information. Please use your good judgement in uploading your clips, and upload only those clips that are likely to be commercially viable.

Say it Once ~ Sell it 1M Times

After setting up the basics of your account you can upload new files as often as you like.

Step 1: Upload your work.  A high-speed internet connection is best. After you upload your files, we will automatically process them, creating a low-bandwidth, watermarked version for previewing, and extracting all the relevant technical information (duration, size, format, etc).

Step 2: Tag your files with info, including a description, keywords, and a price. Use common keywords to describe your clip. When you’re done, you submit your clips to our Creative Team for review.


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